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Social WIFI – What is it?

Many businesses now offer free guest-WIFI to their customers, often requiring them to log in with long passwords or confusing log-in procedures. Social WIFI allows customers to log-in to free guest-WIFI networks using their social media accounts. This allows customers to connect easily and quickly, and also allows businesses to gather useful information about their customers and create direct lines of communication with them. The most prevalent social network used to sign into Social WIFI is Facebook, with Social WIFI sometimes even being referred to as Facebook WIFI. However, most Social WIFI providers give customers the option to sign in with other accounts such as Instagram, LinkedIn Twitter and even a standard email address.

Benefits of implementing Social WIFI in your business

Social WIFI offers many benefits to a business and it’s customers. In this blog post we will highlight the 5 main benefits of implementing Social WIFI.

Provide a free valuable service to customers

More and more WIFI connected devices are being used every day, with a large amount of the population carrying one of these devices at all times. The main benefit of Social WIFI to your customers is the provision of free internet. This is a valuable offering and can draw people into your business in order to use your guest-WIFI. Also, businesses who offer free internet access have seen an increase in the length of time a customer stays on their premises, which can lead to higher sales figures.


Engage with your customer base

As well as providing free WIFI to your customers, Social WIFI gives you the ability to communicate directly with your customer base. For example, you can send an automatic message to everyone who has logged into your network once they have left, asking for a review of your services. You can also target customers who have previously used your network with future promotions. Businesses who offer Social WIFI report higher numbers of repeat customers which could be attributed to the ability to target previous customers with offers and other promotional messages.


Target advertising to specific demographics

Some Social WIFI providers allow your business to conduct marketing campaigns that are targeted at specific demographics. This is possible due to the data collected from your customer’s social media profiles. You can send promotions directly to your targeted demographic using your businesses Social WIFI dashboard. You can also create promotions that are set to be sent automatically to customers who are currently on your premises.


Gain valuable insights

When a customer logs into your Social WIFI they provide your business with useful data which is obtained from their chosen social media profile, once they opt-in. This information can give you valuable insights into your customer base including age, gender, language, date of birth and visited locations. You can also see information about how many times a customer has logged into your network, giving you insights into returning customers.


Simple to use

Social WIFI is extremely easy to use for both the customer signing into the network and the business managing it. Many Social WIFI providers offer simple plug and play routers that can be installed easily on premise. Also, Social WIFI dashboards provide easy to navigate user interfaces ensuring that the business can manage marketing campaigns and customer data efficiently and effectively.


Marketing through social media referrals

As customers log into your Social WIFI network they are required to ‘like’ or follow your businesses social media profile. Customers can also share their location to their social media feed. This means your business is promoted for free on social media platforms by your customers. Some statistics show that up to 50% of people use social media to discover information about businesses so it’s important to develop your presence on these platforms.




SO WIFI are world leading in providing Social WIFI, over 20,000 business use them across the globe with millions of customers using SO WIFI to get online.

It’s extremely easy to install a SO WIFI network at your business premises and you can start reaping the benefits of Social WIFI straight away. On top of the benefits previously listed SO WIFI also delivers other useful features such as:


Can display in different languages

Login portal and promotional material in several languages, to accommodate all your customers.



Automatically ask for a TripAdvisor review and increase your rating.


 promo material

Free promotional material

You receive stickers and table stands with a step-by-step plan for easy online access in several languages. All this is included in the price.

 landing page

Landing page in your own brand style

Your brand style will be integrated in the customer interface for a reliable and professional effect.


Easy access without passwords

Online in 1 click. No fuss exchanging passwords. Simple and easy to use for every customer.


Create and send targeted messages

Create email campaigns and send them to your customers, based on gender, age, language, date of birth, visited locations and number of visits.


Reports and dashboard

The dashboard includes in-depth insights about your customers, collected email addresses and gives you control over your WiFi network.


Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries about Social WIFI and SO WIFI for your business.