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Closed Circuit Television & Video Surveillance

Digiquip can install and maintain CCTV systems for businesses of all sizes, from single users to large corporations. Digiquip provides a comprehensive service and installs the very latest in IP CCTV cameras. Digiquip can upgrade existing analogue equipment and provide year-round care to keep your CCTV fully operational 24/7.

Camera Solutions

High Definition at low light

The high quality cameras we install deliver crisp, high quality video both in the daytime and at night. We can even install camera’s that can record full colour video in complete darkness.

Long range coverage with great detail


We can install high quality camera’s that cover vast area’s but still provide crystal clear video. This means you can zoom in points of interest while getting clear video back.

GDPR Redaction


Digiquip can help you maintain your GDPR compliancy by deploying systems that automatically blur the faces of individuals to maintain their privacy.

Automatic number plate recognition


Install smart number plate recognition cameras to automate to flow of vehicles in and out of your premise. The ANPR camera’s Digiquip install are reliable, efficient, cost-effective and extremely accurate.

Fever Screening Solutions


Digiquip can help you install thermal screening products to detect elevated skin surface temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever. From economical systems to high end ones we have the experts on hand to help you get the right system in place.

Expert Installation

We have an expert team of engineers who will fit your CCTV system to the highest standards.

Effective Maintenance Plans

We offer maintenance plans for all systems no matter how small or large they are. We’ll have your system working well all year round.

Covert Cameras

If you need a covert security system in-place, Digiquip can help. Our team can install your system out of hours and out of sight so it’s completely undetectable.

Remote Viewing

With a Digiquip installed CCTV system you can easily view any of your camera’s remotely. If you have multiple sites, they can easily be viewed from a single application.

Easy to expand

By utilising the latest IP based CCTV equipment you can easily expand your camera setup anytime in the future. This gives you a great ROI.

Friendly Advice

We have extensive knowledge of the CCTV industry and can help with any queries you have. Anytime you need us, we’re here to help!

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Service Benefits

Although the CCTV marketplace is very competitive, Digiquip still continues to succeed. We do this by offering the following:

Expert advice

Right from the beginning Digiquip offers expert advice on all our client’s needs. We know the industry inside and out and will be able to fully advise you and your business. No matter how complex your CCTV requirements are we’ll have them covered.

Reliable Support

By providing a professional and friendly customer service and support team, we ensure reliability, robustness and a guaranteed customer satisfaction level that you and your company deserves. We endeavour to make sure that the services you are undertake fits both your businesses model and financials making Digiquip the ideal supplier.

Competitively Priced

Digiquip specialise in controlling the cost at all stages, offering highly competitive prices that will save you money. Whether you require a single camera system or a large multisite setup, savings can be made through delivering the right equipment, at the right price with affordable installation and support.

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