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Considering moving communications to the cloud? When is the right time?

The use of cloud technologies has been steadily increasing over the past few years and some forecasts point to up to 85% of companies in the UK using the cloud by the end of 2018 (reference). The power of cloud technologies can be used for providing high-quality, reliable and affordable telecommunications services, but when is a good time to move your organisations communications to the cloud? In the UK alone, more than 63% of businesses are considering making the move. This blog post will highlight some key points to consider if you are thinking about moving your communications to the cloud.


Types of cloud technology


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Private Cloud

A private cloud can only be accessed by a singular organisation and is hosted by the organisation either on premise or within their own data centre.


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Public Cloud

A public cloud is the most popular kind of cloud infrastructure. The hardware, on which your organisation’s data is stored securely, is hosted by a cloud provider and may use resources shared by other organisations.


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A hybrid cloud uses a combination of both on-premise and private or public cloud technologies. This means that if there is a failure with either the on-premise or cloud service there is a failover to ensure high availability and reliability.




Why should we move to cloud communications?


Full Phone System


Cloud systems allow you to easily add and remove users without incurring high costs or long lead times meaning that they can grow with your business.



Cloud systems are generally hosted in data centres (or multiple data centres) with redundant power and connectivity, meaning in the event of a power outage or broadband related issue they will automatically fail over.




Cloud systems allow you to work flexibly whilst on the move as they are not fixed to a single location. This also means that if you move your business to a new location your cloud communications system can easily move with.



What should we consider when making the decision to move to the cloud?


ISDN services to be terminated in 2025

BT has announced that they will terminate ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) by 2025. This has been the main way of connecting on-premise telephone systems but will be made obsolete by SIP (Session Internet Protocol) which uses the internet and cloud technologies to connect voice and video. Due to this, all phone systems (including on-premise and cloud) will be routed via the cloud after 2025.

Nearing the end of a contract

If you coming to the end of your current contract or are thinking about investing in a new phone system, then you should consider moving to the cloud. It could possibly save you a considerable amount of money in upfront hardware costs and is easily scalable for when your business grows.

If you are implementing cloud technology in other areas of your business

Cloud technology is not just useful for voice and video communications but can be employed for services such as storage, CRM, and office applications. If your organisation has a wider cloud strategy, then it could be time to move your telecommunications to the cloud too.



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