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Digital Transformation – Upgrade to the future of communications

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into a business with the aim to improve the way it operates, improve the overall customer experience and increase profitability. Adopting a digital transformation strategy should be a high priority for any modern business. Although the decision to digitise your business may be a difficult one, the benefits from doing so can be huge. Digital transformation ushers in many changes for your business and none more so than your businesses communications systems. Let’s look at some of the key points to consider when moving your business forward in this new digital age.
Digital transformation is a combination of a few different technology areas. We will highlight 5 of the main areas of digital transformation:
• Collaboration
• Social Media
• Communications
• Cloud
• Mobility
• Big Data


The Cloud

The cloud is the distribution of digital services over the internet. Businesses that offer cloud services are called cloud providers and offer products such as storing telephony data, hosting websites, streaming media, analysing data and much more. These services will often be running on computers or servers hosted by the cloud providers and accessed via the internet. There are three main kinds of cloud services; public, private and hybrid. Public clouds are hosted off-site by the cloud provider, private clouds are hosted on a private network by the organisation, hybrid clouds use a combination of public and private options.

Cloud services can offer many benefits including:


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Using cloud services means that you do not need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software. The monthly costs for cloud services are often low-price subscription payments.


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Cloud providers maintain their products to a high standard and any data stored on their servers will be securely backed up. This means that you do not have to worry about any data-loss or hacking disasters that could occur using on-site hardware if you use public or hybrid clouds.


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Most cloud providers use high-quality hardware and software which is constantly being upgraded to the newest technology. To match the performance of these offerings you would have to regularly pay for new products and their installation if you used an on-site solution.




As cloud services can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection your business can grow into multiple locations without worrying about purchasing hardware for each site. As your business grows you will only need to purchase more licenses for the cloud services.



These cloud-based technologies also allow us to provide communication solutions that are fully integrated into your businesses unified communications system (UC). Digiquip unified communications solutions offer full integration into existing CRM products (e.g. Salesforce or other applications like Skype for Business). Digiquip Cloud is tailored to deliver reliable and simple communications to your desktop from highly secure and resilient data centres. This means the phone system is managed for you and you just use the handset, web portal or applications to access everything you need, when you need it.


Find out more about our Digiquip Cloud services here.




Mobility has become one of the most significant areas for businesses to focus on when restructuring for this digital age. Customers now expect seamless experiences when using an organisations mobile solution. Employees are also offered benefits if a business embraces mobile solutions including the opportunity work independent of location, using a variety of devices. Embracing mobility as part of an organisation’s digital transformation can take many forms. Some examples can be as simple as guaranteeing that a website is mobile-friendly and developing mobile applications, to more advanced cases of employing mobile applications to support team collaboration and communications.

Mobility is a key part of the Digiquip unified communications solutions. It offers ways for you to securely connect and collaborate with employees. As many companies are now utilising personal devices for work, there is a need for secure mobile communications. Digiquip call platforms and applications support BYOD to help companies and users reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance customer experiences in secure environment.

Mobility solutions enable seamless and streamlined communications for workers as they no longer miss their business calls or messages and can respond promptly. In addition, Digiquip UC provides real-time collaboration applications for mobile workers. From laptop to smartphone, users can fully utilise the features of unified communication including voice call, chat, SMS, presence, video conferencing and more. Wherever you are, you can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time, for robust business productivity and efficiency.


Find out how Digiquip Unified Communications can help your workforce go mobile.



Big Data big data

In this new digital age there is an abundance of data that can be leveraged to support your business in delivering a superb customer experience. Both large and small businesses can benefit from utilising big data in a number of ways. Customers can benefit from enhanced experiences and employee workflow can be improved. However, the sheer amount of data can sometimes be overwhelming and often this information is not utilised for the best interests of the business and their customers.

A great solution for companies who need manage customer data is iCall Suite (iCS) from Tollring. It is a fully integrated (hosted or on-premise call management solution) that will improve business efficiencies that deliver a return on your telecommunications investment. It can help you to make informed decisions on system, department and user call activity to deliver a more effective service to your customers.

Data collection can often be complex or expensive but there are options that exist for collecting data about your customer interaction that are simple, beneficial and low-cost.




icall suite captures every customer interaction and helps you understand the product call volume and match resources to customer demand. iCall simplifies large volumes of call data to deliver simple graphical dashboards and replays to help you better your business.

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SO WIFI offers a plug and play WiFi network for your business which allows customers to connect to the internet for free. SO WIFI will then collect data such as email address, location, interests, age, gender and more. This data can give you valuable insights into your customer base and help you to build a contact list of visitors.

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If you are interested in how Big Data have a look at our Call Analytics and Recording page.



Collaboration collaboration1


Digital technologies change the culture of business and traditional ways of doing things make way for new strategies. It is now easier and more important for organisations to work in a collaborative manner. Digital tools make communicating, sharing files and information much easier than it has been in the past. It is important that your organisations are set up to encourage teamwork and communication. Often when information is shared between personnel it can result in innovative ideas and cost-savings.

Setting up your organisation up with a unified communications (UC) systems is the best way achieve such values of connectivity. Your teams can easily see each other’s status or presence and know when they are contactable. A one-way email can be easily replaced with an instant message connection and can involve multiple people. Setting up video calls and meetings is simple, and you can easily join together teams from across the globe in a video meeting. With a simple and easy unified interface for communication and collaboration. Digiquip UC helps to bring your teams together with simple tools for collaboration and communication. On-demand access to features and the ability to add or remove users means you have the flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

View our Unified Communications page for more information.


Social Media & Communication socialmedia

Having a social media presence is almost non-negotiable these days, be it for marketing and promotion or customer interaction, it is essential to be in control of your social presence on the web. Many social media sites now offer the ability for customers to leave reviews and comments on their experiences of services offered by organisations. It can be hard to manage all these interactions as they happen across multiple platforms. Fortunately, there are solutions that exist to help your business take control, manage and respond to these reviews from one place.

SO Review is an online dashboard for all of your organisations online reviews. You can sign in just once to receive all your reviews in one clear overview, sorted by positive or negative sentiment and per subject. SO Review continuously scans all sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook for new reviews. It allows you to respond directly to reviews that concern topics that are most important to your business such as staff affected, service and pricing, without leaving the dashboard. It allows you to become more efficient and spend less time working on your reviews but achieve the converted 5-star rating that will help win your next customer.

Find out more about how SO Review can help your business here.


In this digital age of constant change, it can be daunting for businesses. Especially when it comes to investing in new products, as certain solutions become defunct quickly. Fortunately, there are communication solutions available that are future-proof, scalable and affordable. Adopting a digital transformation strategy is a must in this digital era and will significantly improve productivity and customer relations.


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