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Call Analytics and Recording

Call recording and analytics with icall suite

  • icall suite provides complete communications management that integrates with your telephone system
  • Users can view real-time and historical call data, see the status of other extensions and securely record all telephone calls.
  • Available in five fully integrated modules, icall suite provides all the business tools you need for your telephone system.
icall suite

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Log and analyse your communications

Ahead of the rest

icall suite has an advantage over other call management or reporting suites, because we use a unique blend of call data, extension status information and UCD statistics to provide unparalleled levels of realtime and historical information.


Measurements & Metrics

icall suite is much more than simple call logging. It is a powerful database engine and a full suite of reports that are designed to give you an accurate and useful analysis of your business communications.

Reports Catalogue

Comprehensive reporting provides a clear view of your business communications. All reports can be customised using the powerful filtering engine.

Custom Filtering

Use the 50 in-built filters to customise reports and obtain exactly the data you require to measure and analyse your business.

Personal Profiles

Save personal profiles to re-run the reports you need at any time.

Export Data

Export any report, and its underlying data, as a PDF document, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV file or HTML webpage.

Graphical Analysis

The chart tab allows you to see report information in a clear graphical format.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports can be sent to your email inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – in a format that suits you.

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Real-time Monitors

icall suite constantly monitors the phone system for changes to extension status, calls in progress, calls in queue and over 100 other factors. All events are captured and can be displayed on the dashboard in real-time.


Custom Dashboards

The icall suite dashboard is a blank canvas for you to make your own, with fully customisable widgets and data feeds.


Unique Widgets

Widgets are configurable ‘mini reports’ that you can place on the dashboard. Widgets display real-time or historical information in a clear graphical way using speedos, thermometers, wallboards and charts.



Call Recording

Keep a secure record of all calls

icall suite call recording is completely integrated into the call management application, so you don’t have to switch between applications to find or play  back calls.

Powerful Filters

Easily locate the calls you want

Finding the calls you want is easy with icall suite because we include a set of powerful filters to sort through all your recordings.

Simple Playback

Built in call player with export

The call player is used to listen to your encrypted call recordings from within the icall suite management application.
An export function allows you to decrypt and export recordings as .wav files for playback on other devices or for sharing via email.

Call Evaluation

Easily evaluate calls using your own call compliance questions and report on agent performance

Ideal for businesses needing to access the functionality of the iPECS platform with HD Voice and a headset interface. A perfect handset to deploy to all users requiring a simple interface to the iPECS platform. Group directory access currently not available.

Personal Playlists

Create your own filtered playlists

Call recording playlists allow you to save your filter settings, which then provide fast access to exactly the calls you want to review at any time. You can create an unlimited number of playlists and share them with other icall suite users.



Computer Telephony Integration delivers significant benefits to businesses with a large number of daily inbound or outbound calls, whether for sales, customer service or support.

You can match incoming calls with contacts on your database and pop up contact details before the call is answered, positioning your business a step ahead of the competition.

Screen call controls enable click-to-call and Outlook integration is provided as standard.


Personal data

  • Personal daily overview
  • Chart and data table views
  • Clear, easy to read information
  • Calls waiting for your groups

Address book

  • Personal & company contact lists
  • Import data from Outlook
  • Multiple records per contact
  • Click to call function

Presence views

  • Easy to understand colour coding
  • Real-time status updates
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for: Office users; Remote users; Workgroups


Monitor, Manage And control your contact centre

Real-time reporting for contact centres

Contact centre reporting provides up to the minute agent and group analytics. Up to 10 group performance parameters can be displayed in real-time for any group on a supervisors desktop or on large screens (wallboards) for all to view.


Contact centre modelling helps you to drive business efficiencies
and achieve SLAs

You can review past performance and use “what if” calculations to forward plan the number of agents and times of day you want them to work. You can plan using different numbers of agents or different volumes of calls to ensure you are working with the optimum number of people. You can also change parameters such as wrap-up time to achieve SLAs.



view valuable business intelligence

contact centre modelling

wallboard widgets and alarms

agent analytics

seamless integration with all modules


More time talking, less time dialling

The dial module benefits both managers and agents, contributing to job satisfaction. Dial also provides compliance with current regulations and legislation.


Handle more calls:

Receive call information when needed, rather than looking up the next call.
Remove time taken up waiting for an answer.
Avoid manual dialling errors.
Avoid missed call backs

Progressive and predictive dialling solutions

icall suite feature-rich automated diallers present significant benefits to both the business and the call handler. Campaigns and followups are made easy for the call handler and the business gains from increases in productivity.

Progressive dialling

Eliminates silent calls in line with recent Ofcom dialling regulations but still delivers productivity. Once an agent has indicated that they are ready for a call, information about the next call is presented to them and the number is dialled immediately.

Predictive dialling

Predictive dialling is most effective in campaigns that are fairly straightforward, such as commodity product sales. A predictive dialler connects to ‘live’ callers as soon as an agent completes the previous transaction