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Digiquip Merchant Services

Digiquip Merchant Services can offer your business face to face, online and mobile payments and much more

Digiquip Merchant Services offer a variety of face to face, online and over the phone payment services alongside fantastic service management software for reporting, insight and analytics.

We can help support you to take control of your business, make informed decisions and receive payments at very competitive rates.

Digiquip Merchant Services
Face to face transactions

Face to Face

Online Transactions


Mail Order Telephone Order

Mail/Telephone Orders

Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Analytics and Reporting

Reporting & Analytics



Face to Face Payments

We offer a wide range of terminals including standalone, integrated and semi-integrated devices to fit every business’s needs.

Online Payments

We provide secure online payment services to be used across the web, on your website and integrated into other eCommerce services.

Appay – Payment App

We also offer a payment app called Appay which is perfect for taking payments in non-traditional settings.

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Corded Counter Top Terminals

Take payments anywhere

If your business conducts face to face transactions with the cardholder present (CHP) then Digiquip Merchant services can support you. We offer a range of wired, wireless and mobile payment terminals to suit a variety of business needs.

face to face
Pin Pads

Supporting your business

Here at Digiquip our team of experts are here to help you at every step of the way. We can advise and assist you in choosing which solution would work best for your business. You will also benefit from a fast application process, no annual fee and no charge for refunds.


Digiquip Payment Terminals

We offer a wide range of options for receiving face to face payments in any situation, meaning your business can be as flexible as you require. We can provide you with payment terminals for your business and our experts will help you to select the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Corded counter top terminals Corded Counter Top Terminals

If your business only has one place that your customers pay for their products and they do not need to be moved around with the device, then this solution would be for you.

Mobile and Bluetooth/WIFI terminals Mobile and Bluetooth/WIFI terminals

If your business comes outside of the normal retail setting, maybe you have employees out on the road, or serve customers outside. A GPRS, WiFi or Bluetooth terminal maybe best suited to your business needs so that you can collect payment on the spot.

Pin Pads Pin Pads

If your business uses a screen between staff and the customers, for example a petrol station, then a pin pad device would be a good solution as it connects to the main till.


Online Payments


Online shopping is expanding, now almost sixty percent of all payments are made on the web. Digiquip’s Online Payment Services provide a selection of options that are competitively priced for small, medium and larger businesses.

Digiquip Merchant Services allows businesses to provide their customers with a secure and easy online shopping experience.

online payments
online payments

Integrated Payment Solutions

Digiquip’s Online Payment Services allows businesses to provide their customers with secure, fast and easy online shopping. We support our customers to choose the right solution for them including a simple hosted form allowing businesses to take payments easily online to fully-integrated payment solutions.


Digiquip Merchant Services can support your business to process mail order and telephone order payments.

Payments made fast and secure

Mail order and telephone order payments are conducted online using a “virtual” terminal with the customer either being on the phone or having submitted their credit or debit card details via mail order.

Mail Order and Telephone Order

A virtual terminal

A virtual terminal allows secure payments from within a web browser and permits you to input the customer’s payment details and submit them for processing.


Digiquip Merchant services can also provide software to analyse all payments made to your business online and face to face to help you to gain insights into what is happening in your business.

Gain powerful insights

Digiquip Merchant services, analytics and reporting software provides you with analytics on your online and offline transactions, capturing real-time financial data and analytical reporting. This can help your business to plan staffing depending on in-store trends, see all stores transactions enabling you to identify best performing regions and sites. The insights gained from this software can also enable you to develop your business strategy and help identify buyer behaviour and possible growth areas.



Detailed reporting gives you a clear view of what is happening in your business:

  • Consolidated multi-channel reporting (both face to face and online performance)
  • The service management feature allows you to efficiently control your terminals and services
  • Improved cash flow management using the reports to reconcile and organise receipts
  • Comprehensive trend analysis enables you to identify growth opportunities


Reports can consist of the following:

  • Card sales performance (ability to break down by merchant, county, region, sub-region, postcode area etc.)
  • Monitor best performing; hours, days, weeks, months, years
  • Card type usage
  • Best performing reports showing, best performing counties, regions, postcodes etc.
  • Trend analysis incorporating, average transaction values, comparisons against earlier trading periods etc.
  • Repeat purchaser analytics – showing frequency, volume and value
  • Geo-mapping of locations
  • Geo-mapping of live transactions as they happen

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