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Relocate your business with ease

Relocating your office is a massive commitment. There’s a lot to consider; first, there’s all your furniture and IT equipment to physically move, then you’ve got the headache of changing service addresses for utilities and technical services, not to mention getting said utilities connected. If you’ve outgrown your current office and need to move but have been putting it off because the process of moving itself is so disruptive and difficult, you should give Digiquip a call.

Digiquip’ s combined services encompass all utilities and technologies modern businesses need, so we are perhaps uniquely placed in the marketplace to help make relocating your business as smooth as possible. If Digiquip provides your telephone, internet connectivity, gas, electric and water services, all that’s needed is one phone call to notify us of your address change. We’ll handle the rest, ensuring all services are connected to your new premises the day you move in. We can even help move your equipment!

Security Services

We can design a security system for your new office, using your existing cameras and providing the latest HD IP cameras where needed.

Gas, Electric and Water

We supply gas, electric and water services to businesses around the UK. Having one company provide all utilities takes the stress out of managing office relocations. Change address and connect services at your new office with one phone call.

IT Services

We can keep your old network running while we help set up your new office, minimising disruption. When the time comes to move, we’ll back up all your data and carefully protect your valuable equipment on the journey to its new home.

Fibre connectivity

Connecting your fibre service at your new address couldn’t be simpler; simply give us notice of your move and we will handle the rest, ensuring the super-fast, super-reliable service you’re used to is available from day one at your new office.

Phone Systems

Phone systems can be tricky to move; you always need your phones to be usable, and can’t afford for them not to ring during an office move. Using a combination of Cloud services and VoIP, we can eliminate disruption during your move.

CRM Relocation

Your CRM is the beating heart of your business. Every effort must be made to back up and secure your database before moving your servers. Digiquip’ s CRM and Relocation experts ensure multiple redundant backups are taken, and continuity plans are in place before we touch any of your hardware.

Business Mobile

Business mobiles from Digiquip give you an additional line of defence when moving office; forward your landline numbers to your mobiles if needed, and use the Unified Communications app to call out from your business lines.

Merchant Services

If you take card payments face to face, your card machines must work when you start to use them at your new premises. Digiquip Merchant Services offer mobile payment solutions, guaranteeing connectivity at your new site, as well as wired and wireless terminals.

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Moving your IT equipment

‘Lifting and shifting’ servers and IT equipment is a very risky process. Careful planning is crucial to a successful move. Every possible risk must be mitigated as far as possible – backups must be made, racks and equipment must be labelled, and every server must be packed carefully for transport.

Digiquip’s IT services team are on hand to assist. If you have an IT services contract with us, you will already have a robust off-site backup solution in place, guaranteeing the integrity of your data in every eventuality. Our team have years of experience planning and executing office moves, so they know just how important your IT equipment is to your business.

Before moving any equipment, our team carries out a survey at both sites and help create an inventory of hardware. We then agree on a plan with you for the move itself, including which pieces of equipment to move first, the layout of the network in your new office, and any equipment that needs replacing or upgrading during the process.

Connecting Utilities

Digiquip Energy is partnered with Fidelity Energy to provide our customers with competitively priced utilities. We can also offer Green Energy, which uses wind, solar and tidal energy as the main energy source.

We work with a wide range of suppliers to ensure we can offer you the best prices in the market. Carefully selected for their long term financial viability, billing accuracy and customer
service, our suppliers provide coverage nationwide, guaranteeing you’ll get connected at your new address with the minimum of disruption.

When you tell us you’re moving office, we’ll perform a cost analysis of our suppliers at your new location, and arrange to connect the most cost-effective option available ready for your moving day, leaving your existing service-connected until you move out.

Security Services

Every office has unique requirements for a security and monitoring system. That’s why we always aim to perform a site survey at your new location and work with you to create a plan for the location of CCTV cameras.

Where possible we are happy to re-use your existing cameras, though of course if you’re moving to a bigger location you may need more cameras to guarantee full coverage. Where this is the case, we provide the latest HD IP-based cameras from Hikvision, integrating seamlessly into your monitoring systems and ensuring you have as much coverage as you need.

All our cameras are accessible over the internet, so you can check in with your site at any time, from anywhere in the world. We can even connect multiple sites into one simple system, giving you visibility of all your offices from one application.

Phone Systems

Moving traditional analogue or ISDN phone systems used to be a nightmare. Phone numbers were tied to a physical address, making them difficult or even impossible to connect at your new address. Digiquip’s Unified Communications systems make use of virtual VoIP numbers, removing the link between your phone numbers and your actual location. Put simply, that means that you can simply plug your phones in anywhere they have an internet connection

This makes moving phone systems much easier than it ever used to be, and also allows systems to be configured to be used from multiple sites simultaneously. When you’re planning an office move, this flexibility is truly a game-changer, and if used effectively will eliminate downtime while you move your phones and servers. Digiquip’s IT team include your phone system in relocation plans, taking backups of your configuration to ensure continuity before moving the hardware itself.