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Q & A

I've seen better rates on the Internet. How can you compete?

Digiquip have “No Service Charge” and we are forwarding competitive wholesale rates to our customers. The single billing model removes 80% of the world’s competitors and keeps us ahead of the game. Beware of any company offering unusual or unbelievable call rates, because if you can find the small print, they justify it by having either a high call set-up fee or a high minimum call charges. There are a few USA companies offering incredible reduced call charges based on this principle, but are not compliant to Ofcom.

I'm already using an alternative supplier, can I switch to you?

Yes, simply let us know when you order online and we’ll arrange the entire transfer. Also if you have been with your supplier for longer than a year, then it could be that your rates have not come down in-line with suppliers’ reductions, which isn’t good service. Swapping to Digiquip will ensure you won’t have to be concerned about not maximising your savings, as we will monitor your call charge rates automatically.

Will my telephone lines work when CPS is being programmed?

Yes. BT program CPS at your local telephone exchange upon Digiquips instruction, and there will be absolutely no loss of service while this programming takes place.

Why did Ofcom bring in CPS?

To further the deregulation of the UK Telecoms market, and offer end-users a simple and convenient method of accessing alternative call carriers and save money in the process.

Once I've ordered CPS Online, when should I expect service?

BT normally carry-out the reprogram within 15 days which Digiquip will organise.

Will I be contacted before the service is live?

Yes. Digiquip’s customer services team will send you a welcome letter and notification of the live date. You will also receive a call and/or a letter from your existing supplier confirming you are happy to go ahead with our service.

I already receive discounts, are you still competitive?

The rates we offer are extremely competitive especially compared to other suppliers, even when compared to any of their SME discount schemes. Our rates can vary depending on your circumstances and many offers can be matched if not bettered

Will I receive a visit from a Salesperson?

No, however if you are a business, our trained consultants can usually identify other areas to further reduce your business outgoings, and to improve your current communications – all for free…and with no obligation.

What happens if I change my mind at anytime?

Digiquip offer a 7 day ‘cool-off’ period so you can contact us and cancel your order anytime during that period. We would however like to know why you would want to do this.

How can you prove I'm saving money?

We suggest the best way of assessing savings is to compare 3 months of our bills directly against an old supplier’s bill for a previous quarter – you must take into account busy times, Christmas holidays etc.

Can you offer cheaper Line Rental?

Yes we can offer cheaper line rental. A qualified consultant would be happy to visit and assess your circumstances, in many cases we can offer a 100% reduction in your line rental

Do I need to change my telephone number to use the CPS service?

Absolutely not. You will retain all your existing number/s

Will I still receive a bill from BT?

No, you will receive the bill from Digiquip

Can I choose billing options and payment methods?

Yes, your reports (the itemised section) can be posted and/or emailed or viewed online; the invoice (bill amount due) can be posted and/or emailed. All reports can be fully itemised or itemised over a threshold amount (usually 40p) Also, if you would like information on billing by department or extension, please let us know. You can simply pay by Direct Debit (for security reasons, we will post or fax a mandate for you to sign and return)

Will my telephone number still be available via Directory Enquires?

Yes. You will retain your existing number and Directory listings

Will I need to change the way I make a call?

No. Your calls are automatically routed to the CPS service.

What equipment do I need on my premises to gain access to the CPS service?

We utilise Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) to route calls. CPS is the industry standard method of access and eliminates the need for us to install any equipment on your site.

Can I add more lines later?

Yes, call our Customer Services Dept and they will arrange it for you.

Who do I report a fault to?

Call Digiquip’s Technical Service Department. They will ask you some questions to ascertain the nature of your fault and then carry out the necessary actions to resolve your problem

Will I still be able to use BT directory enquiries and emergency services?

Yes. We do not route calls to 192 or 999.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, we offer a range of services including: 0800 freephone, 0845 local rate, 0844 and 09XX premium rate numbers with advanced services and customised billing. Mobile and internet services including broadband connections. Just contact us for more details.

I'm not based in the UK, can you provide CPS?

No. You must have BT exchange lines in the UK.